List of products by brand Oral Prevent

In 1990, Dr. Jens Thomsen established the Hamburg based oral hygiene company Oral-Prevent. As a practising dentist focussing on prophylaxis, he used to sensitize his patients to issues of dental hygiene already at a time when prophylaxis was not considered of paramount importance yet.

Dissatisfied with the existing prophylactic products, he began to address their improvement himself. Since then he has been developing dental care articles for Oral-Prevent which pass every dental test. They facilitate preventive dental care, clean effectively, protect teeth and gums and provide a fair price / performance ratio.

The products range from toothbrushes for adults and children through dental floss, interdental brushes and single-tuft toothbrushes to practice supplies. In the development of dental care products, convenient and efficient application in daily oral hygiene plays a central role.

Therefore, Oral-Prevent always follow the maxim: «Less may be more». Dr. Thomsen and his staff are dedicated to making important improvements and avoiding trifles. Here they rely not only on scientifically based knowledge and on their own experiences, but also on ideas and suggestions by customers and by other dentists. The product range by Oral-Prevent is completed with articles by other manufacturers which must pass stringent tests again and again and have proven themselves in practice. Today the company is also making important contributions to the continuing training of dental professionals. In 2010 the company founded the Oral-Prevent Academy and set an example in innovative prevention with the launch event «1st Hamburg Prophylaxis Symposium». Today the Academy offers well-founded training for dentists and their staff.