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Ribbond® Triaxial


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Ribbond Triaxial utilizes a triaxial braid to achieve the highest strength and modulus of elasticity of any Ribbond product. It is thicker (0.50 mm) and less adaptable than THM or Original Ribbond. 

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This flat, triple reinforced adhesive reinforcing tape is materially more effective as reinforcement than Ribbond 'regular' or Ribbond 'THM', and should be used especially if the degree of reinforcement is more important than the adaptation to the tooth contours or the dental arch. Typical examples for using Ribbond "Triaxial" include temporary bridges (long-term) and prosthetic reinforcements.

Another possibility is to combine Ribbond "Triaxial" with Ribbond "THM" e.g. to produce a multi-unit bridge.

For this purpose the "THM" would be placed over the entire treatment area as well as the bridge abutments, while the "triaxial" would reinforce the spaces for the individual bridge units.

Available in two different thicknesses: "Thin" and "Dense" (thickness: 0.4 mm and 0.5 mm).

Ribbond Triaxial „Thin“
For this 0.4 mm thick version we recommend using it where any lack of space prevents use of the "Dense" version.

Ribbond Triaxial „Dense“
This tape with a thickness of 0.5 mm is characterized by its extremely dense fiber network, making every job more resistant and resilient.

The Starter Kit includes:

  • 2 x „Thin“ and 2 x „Dense“
  • Special scissors

          Composite and resin materials are not included.

Refill pack:

  • 30 cm x 0,4 mm and 30 cm x 0,5 mm

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