Retraction cord SilTrax® AS (impregnated)
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Retraction cord SilTrax® AS (impregnated)


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Because of the solid structure of the braided cotton cords, packing instruments can not penetrate and the fiber strands can not be individually seized.

SilTrax AS is impregnated with a solution of aluminium sulfate before being dried by a special process which ensures both uniform aluminium sulfate content and hemostatic gingival retraction. Aluminium sulfate acts locally on the contraction of muscle fiber tissue in the body.

Product features

  • Braided cotton cord
  • Impregnated with aluminium sulfate
  • Cord size: 7, 8, 9, 10
  • Color: mint green
  • Contents: 183 cm per bottle

Data sheet

#00, #0, #1, #2Ilgis: 183 cm

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