KOHLERsil monophase A-Silicone
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Basico Compress putty

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Hydrophilic silicone impression material for use in standard 5:1 mixing appliances and with all usual impression techniques. Bisico® Compress putty is the only impression silicone on the market which really can be kneaded and, at the same time, directly be applied from the cartridge.After filling the tray, the silicone can be re-shaped by hand if required. Compress putty is characterized by an extreme snap effect, i.e. a long working time and a short setting thus minimising discomfort for the patient. Dimension stability, minimal shrinkage and high elasticity are other outstanding features.The attractive bright colouring improves visual quality control. BISICO® Compress putty can be used in combination with all light-bodied BISICO® correction silicones.

Technical data

Consistency: kneadable/putty
Colour: green
Linear shrinkage: < 0,1 %
Mixing time: not applicable 
Working time: 1:30 min.
Setting time in the mouth: < 3 min.
Final hardness: approx. 65 Shore A
Standard: ISO 4823, Type 0,
very high consistency


Data sheet

380 ml

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