Bisico NANOFILL starting set
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Bisico NANOFILL starting set

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Packing: 6 x 4 g syringes (Colours A2; A3; a3,5; B2; EW; C), 1 shade guide, 5 ml Bond LC, 5 ml Aktivator SC, 2 ml Etch, 2 g Nanofill flow, col. A3. 4 mixing pallets with 6 ch, 5 appli tips for nanofill flow.

BISICO NANOFILL is a nano-filled, light-curing, radiopaque hybrid composite material which can be polished to high gloss. Thanks to its high stability and abrasion resistance and to its excellent polishing properties, NANOFILL is a versatile material which can be used both in the anterior and posterior teeth area. NANOFILL can easily be modelled, it is stable and does not stick to the instrument.

Due to the ultra-fine nano filling material, extremely homogeneous and mirror-polishable restorations can be produced. By using various kinds of filling materials which are different in size the material is highly compressed with a total filling material proportion of 83 wt%. Thus the polymerisation shrinkage is reduced considerably.

With the wide range of attractive shades, it is easy to produce natural-looking restorations. 
Eight dentin shades, one enamel shade, one incisal shade as well as 2 shades for characterizing purposes are available.

It is possible to order Starting set compules (Item code: 75020). Content: 6 x 10 compules each 0,3 g (Colours: A2, A3, A3,5, B2, EW, C), 1 shade guide, Bond LC 5ml, Activator SC 5ml, Etch 2 ml, Nanofill flow 2g (Colour A3), Brush holder, brushes 25 qty, Appli tips 5 qty.


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