List of products by brand Groman Dental


Groman Inc. is a Florida based company dedicated to the development of innovative dental and medical products. 
Groman is a diverse organization with demonstrated capabilities of turning an idea into a viable product. Groman Inc is able to convert:

  • ideas to concepts,
  • concepts to drawings,
  • drawings to patents,
  • patents to virtual 3D CAD models,
  • virtual CAD models to functional prototypes,
  • prototypes to engineering drawings,
  • engineering drawings to manufacturing toolings,
  • tooling to characterized and calibrated production systems,
  • and production systems to fully assembled, working product.

Additionally, Groman Inc. provides assistance with submission of FDA compliance documents for device registration, manufacturing facility listing, and Good Manufacturing Practices/Quality Policies and Procedures. Groman Inc. also provides contract-manufacturing services in our FDA listed facilities so our customers are able to clinically test their prototypes in accordance with FDA guidelines.

ČERNIKIS MEDICAL PROJECTS, UAB is an official dealer of Groman Inc. in The Baltic States.


Company invents, manufactures, and distributes award-winning disposable micro air abrasive devices for Intra-Oral Dental Procedures.

Groman Dental EtchMaster sandblasters - unique, precise, easy installing, economic, and safe instruments for dentists.