List of products by brand Fragremover

In 2012, after several severe fragment removal accidents, we came up with an idea to develop a device with which these complicated cases can be mastered. In areas where ultrasonic procedures reach their limits, a particular substance preserving is required and fragments cannot be left untouched. Because of this the wire loop technique appeared to us as a suitable alternative.

A particularly thin wire is guided through a cannula twice in order to form a loop at its end.

The loop is then placed around a fragment and tightened, thereafter the fragment can easily be extracted. To implement this method with a dental microscope would be impossible as one would need a third hand at one’s disposal.

To overcome this problem we dedicated our time to designing various prototypes and experimented with different types of wires and cannulas.We came up with a prototype that is ready for production. FragRemover is easy to handle, compatible with several wires and cannulas and has since been successfully tested by multiple endodontists.