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bisico, Bielefelder Dentalsilicone GmbH & Co. KG was founded by Horst Ludwigs in 1970.
Starting with a small range of condensation-curing silicones, bisico developed into an internationally active company providing a wide range of dental products.
In 1999, Maike Wassmann, the founder’s daughter, was charged with the management of the company that has never lost its regional roots.

Since the foundation, bisico‘s principle “Your method – our material” has always been the basis for its work. Based on many years experience, company offers a large number of high-quality products in the field of prosthetics, which meet today’s requirements and are constantly developed further to keep up with the latest developments in this sector.

An optimised price-performance ratio, quick service along with long experience on national and international markets form the basis for future business success – even in a globalized economy.
We are looking forward to commencing or continuing business with you!


With bisico’s range of products, dentists and dental laboratories are provided with an extensive network for perfect prosthetic care.

Thanks to decades of experience and development, bisico products have reached a very high degree of precision and are particularly easy to handle.

In addition to the varied product range of silicones and the respective accessories, bisico offers a complete system for restorations covering all processes from "etching", "bonding", "building up" up to "filling".


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€30.60 Regular price €36.00 -15% Price
Bisico Bond LC


€35.00 Price

BISICO Bond LC is a light-curing one-component priming and bonding system which is easy to apply.

KOHLERsil monophase A-Silicone

BISICO® Compress putty

€79.00 Price

Bisico® Compress Putty, a hydrophilic silicone impression material made for use in standard 5:1 mixing appliances with all traditional impression techniques.

What sets Compress Putty apart is its unique ability to be kneaded and applied directly from the cartridge, making it the only impression silicone in the market with this convenience. After tray filling, this silicone can be easily reshaped by hand as needed.

Compress Putty boasts an exceptional snap effect, providing an extended working time and a quick setting to minimize patient discomfort. Its outstanding features include dimension stability, minimal shrinkage, and high elasticity.

Bisico E-Bond DC


€75.00 Price

BISICO E-Bond DC is a self-etching and dual-curing bonding system which is easy to apply

Bisico Micro Esthetic Set
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BISICO® Micro Esthetic Set

€139.00 Price

Discover the excellence of Bisico® Micro Esthetic, a light-curing microhybrid composite designed for a wide range of restorations. With exceptional modeling properties and a high level of polishability, Micro Esthetic is a versatile choice for both anterior and posterior dentition.

Bisico Etch

BISICO® Best Etch

€15.00 Price

Best etch, a superior etching gel, boasts outstanding thixotropic properties and is formulated with 37% phosphoric acid.

Our included appli-tips ensure effortless and safe application to targeted areas requiring etching. The blue coloring enhances accuracy during application on both enamel and dentine.

KOHLERsil monophase A-Silicone
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BISICO® Compress heavy

€67.15 Regular price €79.00 -15% Price

BISICO® Compress heavy hydrophilic silicone impression material designed for standard 5:1 mixing appliances.

Changing materials becomes a breeze with the clean and easy-to-use plastic cartridge application form, ensuring that the silicone doesn't come into contact with the user's latex gloves.

Key features of our product include:

Highest Dimension Stability:  Ensuring precise and reliable impressions.

Versatility:  Suitable for a wide range of impression methods.

Patient Comfort:  The short setting time minimizes stress for the patient.

Visual Quality Control:  An attractive, bright color enhances visual inspection during application.

Compatibility:  Can be seamlessly used in conjunction with all BISICO® correction silicones.

KOHLERsil monophase A-Silicone

BISICO® Compress mono

€79.00 Price

Bisico® Compress Mono, a hydrophilic silicone impression material designed for use with standard 5:1 mixing appliances.

This monophase impression material is ideal for a variety of applications, including telescopic restorations, attachments, and complex implant impressions. Its soft consistency allows for easy application using a separate syringe onto preparations, providing flexibility and precision in your dental procedures

Bisico® Regidur i - bite...

Bisico® Regidur i - bite registration material

€65.00 Price

Explore Regidur® i, a high-performance addition-curing silicone for quick-setting bite registrations. With a robust 90 Shore A hardness, it suits edentulous and partially edentulous registrations, as well as complete denture prosthetics. Achieve easy finishing with knife, stone, or bur.

Regidur® i saves time, allowing direct application from cartridge to mouth. Its rapid 45-second setting time minimizes patient discomfort. The high hardness ensures precise occlusion without the spring effect, guaranteeing optimal results.

Benefit from its exceptional elastic properties, reducing fracture risk despite extreme hardness. Elevate your bite registration with Regidur® i for efficient, reliable outcomes.

Bisico® S1

Bisico® S1

€79.00 Price

Kneadable preliminary impression material for use in the classic double impression technique.

Experience exceptional stability with Bisico® S1, thanks to its firm mixing consistency, ensuring reliable performance during the impression process. Enjoy high elasticity and efficient recovery upon removal, along with precise contour accuracy throughout the model-making process. With a final hardness of 72 shore A, Bisico® S1 stands as an ideal choice for crafting preliminary impressions using the double impression technique.