List of products by brand RESORBA Medical GmbH

RESORBA Medical GmbH are a leading manufacturer of innovative and technologically advanced products for the global market in contemporary wound care, surgery and wound closure. RESORBA focus is on providing the best possible results for patients.

RESORBA manufactures a wide range of products and materials, including silver and other alginates, foams, tissue adhesives, sutures, as well as haemostats. These are sold under brands ActivHeal®, LiquiBand® and RESORBA®.

RESORBA Medical GmbH produce products and materials at two locations in Great Britain, one in the Netherlands, two in Germany and one in the Czech Republic. Products are sold in 70 countries via a network of multinational as well as regional partners and distributors, but also through direct sales in Great Britain, Germany, the Czech Republic and Russia. Established in 1991, now company employs over 500 people.



RESORBA® GLYCOLON™ Absorbable Monofilament Suture

€73.55 Price

GLYCOLON™ is absorbable monofilament structure provides excellent handling properties, does not wick bacteria, and allows for atraumatic passage through the tissue. Glycolon™ maintains 50% of its tensile strength for 11-13 days.